• Indoor TRIathlete Training


    1 hr

  • Group Strength Endurance Training

    Tuesday, Thursday

    1 hr

  • Group Indoor Cycle Training


    1 hr

  • Find your running economy score with a free assessment from a trainer

    30 min


TRIathlete Training

Move from cycling and cardio endurance training to strength and mobility training, mimicking the challenges of triathlete training yet you never leave the room. The 75 minute session will take you through cycle sprints, hill climbs and recovery runs on the bike in the first 30 minutes. The last 30 minutes are spent off the bike to focus on perfecting your strength endurance through weighted timed sets. The remaining 10 minutes, focus on mobility and recovery to make sure you are fully prepared for your next endurance session.

Strength Training

Take your strength to another level with our structured strength training cycle meant to perfect your athletic performance.  Each week works in through a strength and conditioning cycle, taking each athlete through a cycle of cardio and strength endurance training, ending each cycle with a strength test to measure your conditioning progress.

Tough Cookie trainers are here to offer training in all functional movements.  Increasing your strength, increasing your endurance and perfecting your performance to help you reach your athletic goals.  Helping you become Tougher, Stronger and Better athlete

Cycle Training

Form, pacing, and resistance. All three of these things need will work in harmony as you train your body to work in peak cardio conditioning through an hour long cycle class. Train without the distractions of the outdoors while keeping the challenges of the elements integrated into your cycling program. Support the perfection of your performance with this cardio endurance class.