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Boxing Strength & Conditioning

Power, push and cardio endurance are the three main pillars of our conditioning.  Timed series and body weight push motions help increase strength endurance and conditioning to bring out the inner boxing athlete.  With our structured warm up, shadow boxing and encouraging coaching, we make sure you are ready for the bag or pads with our knowledgeable coach.  

Whether you’ve spent time in the ring or putting on a pair of gloves for the first time, Tough Cookie Training is here to get you tougher, stronger and better. 

Small Group Strength Training 

Each strength class is formatted to work on the five main movements of: push, pull, squat, hinge and  total body.  


The five main movements combined with bench, squat and deadlift, our main three lifts, structure our daily strength training sessions.  With Tough Cookie Group Members ranging from seasoned athletes, marathon and OCR racers, to first time clients, our strength training classes are here to help you perfect your performance through timed circuits, rep counts and monthly strength tests to track your progress.  Tough Cookie Training is here to bring out the everyday athlete and help you become Tougher, Stronger and a Better version of your already amazing self.