CEO & TCT Coach 

Rachel Guess

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Meet Tough Cookie Training's CEO Rachel 

Guess.  Turning around her negative relationship with fitness into using it to help with her inner strength.  

Rachel is now on a mission to help others find their inner Tough Cookie through a mutual positive relationship with fitness.

"I would love to inspire other Tough Cookies to 

become Tougher, Stronger and Better 

versions of their amazing selves."


Boxing Strength & Conditioning Coach

Clifvon Whsikey

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Hi, my name is Clifvon whiskey. I have a background in karate, boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. I specialize in pad work, a training method used in boxing and martial arts to improve hand speed, reaction time, and punching power.  You can come train with me as a new "Boxing Strength & Conditioning" coach at Tough Cookie.  Looking forward to training with you.


COO & TCT Coach

Anton Aguila

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Far from being a Jack of All Trades, Anton nevertheless strives to excel at everything he does. From golf to guitar playing to gourmet cooking, he tries to be a better version of himself everyday . Anton applies—and yes, expects—the same mentality from his clients and members at Tough Cookie Training, but the good news is that he’s also a big believer in tough love, and not just being tough on them. To him, it’s always being TOUGHER, STRONGER and BETTER together.


Dance Cardio Coach

Alicia Burghardt

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Alicia has completed two seasons as a Boston Celtics Dancer, while on the team she performed at TD Garden and choreographed for playoffs. She had the privilege to teach at pro action prep and represent the Celtics dancers at pro action dance in Vegas last year. She is currently pursuing her dance career in Los Angeles California and teaching her love of dance and fitness to students.