Why Tough Cookie

Rachel Guess

Tough Cookie CEO

Tough Cookie Training's CEO Rachel 

Guess and how she turned her 

negative relationship with fitness 

around through the encouragement 

of her business partner 

and mentor Anton Aguila (COO of 

Tough Cookie).  Watch as she looks 

to inspire other Tough Cookies to 

become Tougher, Stronger and Better 

versions of their amazing selves.

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Hear from Our Tough Cookies

Tough Cookie Becky Wagner

Watch as Tough Cookie Becky explains how Tough Cookie helped her start her fitness journey.  How Tough Cookie continues to lead her towards her goals and perfect her performance. 

Watch as long time runner and Tough Cookie Amy talks about her journey with running, weight training and how Tough Cookie helps in perfecting her performance.

Tough Cookie Amy and her story.